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Frequently asked Questions and Answers...

Q.   How do I join Brimfield & Little Hereford Bowling Club?

Call in at the Club on the next Open Day or Play Bowls Day

or contact:

Jennie Cole, Chairman, on 01588 660 891,

Eileen Powell, our Membership Secretary, on 01885 483 265

or our club coach Bill Wheatley, on 01584 819 870

or complete a BLH BDA Membership Form

Q.  If I join, will I be expected to play in matches and competitions?

The only thing we expect you to do is enjoy yourself.

There are matches and competitions all summer, but you only join in when you feel you are ready, there is no pressure to do so.

Taster session/Development sessions are organised as required.

Most Monday and Thursday afternoons (weather permitting) we have a roll up, called ‘Strollers’.

These are open to members and non-members to have a friendly game.

As a member you can come and have a roll up at any time the rinks are free.

We have some players who play just once or twice a week, others play every day; it’s entirely up to you.

Q.  What is a Strollers Session?

‘Strollers’ is what we call our informal afternoon roll-ups.  Every Club has a different name for it.  They are ideal sessions for new bowlers or those wanting a social afternoon. 

Strollers is played during the summer at 2pm every Monday and Thursday afternoons and 6pm on some Monday evenings, dependent on numbers. 

Before the start of each session everyone selects a disc to decide which Rink you will be playing on. 

There will be a mix of new and experienced bowlers present.  You will play approx. 8 ends, roughly an hour, followed by a break for a cup of tea before continuing for another session, 8 ends.  The afternoon sessions normally finish around 4.30pm.  It is all very friendly and casual but a great way to learn the basics of bowling.

During the winter we play at 2pm -4pm on a Friday afternoon at the Indoor Club, Bridge Street, Leominster. 

Q.  How much is the annual membership?

People new to bowling get a 50% discount on their Membership in the first year. 

There after we currently charge (2020) £55.00 for Full Members (i.e. over 18) and £10.00 for Junior and Social Members.


Q.  What about instruction or coaching, is that costly?

We do not charge for any instruction or coaching that takes place on our bowling green.

Q.  Are there any other costs to bowling?

Bowls is not an expensive sport, but as with any new venture there will be items you need to buy, that is why we only charge half the annual membership fee for the first year. 

  • The Green is our most expensive resource and we aim to keep it maintained to the highest standards. 

This is why, when you join, you are expected to buy a pair of proper bowling shoes.  These vary in price, but you can expect to pay £30 – £50 for a new pair. Bowling shoes ensure your shoes worn on the green have not picked up any disease that could spread to the Green.

  • At some point you will want a set of your own bowls,

these start at about £120 but you can pay £300 for some of the top

coloured ones.  We give advice on this so please don’t buy until you

have tried some and see what suits you as there are many sizes with

different bias, as shown on our Bowls page.  Second-hand bowls are

very often available, and a good set would be between £40 – £80. 

  • All the time you only play ‘Strollers’ on a Monday or Thursday afternoon

or come down for a roll-up or taster session when the green is free you

do not need to wear a uniform, just comfortable clothes.

  • When you start playing in club competitions, and many of our competitions are designed to provide bowling opportunities for new bowlers, you will need some bowls clothing, grey below the waist and white above plus a set of waterproofs is advisable.
  • Coloured Club shirts and green Club fleeces are available to order from the Club Secretary when you want to represent the Club in Friendly Matches or Competitions against other Clubs.  The Club Captain or any of our more experienced members will happily advise on any of these aspects.
  • We pay £1.00 entry fee per person on the day for each Club Competition.  This goes towards the trophies and engraving.  A word of warning - most of our Club Competitions are all day events and everyone brings their own lunch to those.   
  • Lastly, the great bowling tradition … Teas!

We collect 50pence off everyone at ‘Strollers’ to help pay towards the tea and biscuits that are served halfway through.

We do expect players to sit down for refreshments with your opponent after a match.  When you play in a Club Friendly Match you would be expected to pay £2.50 to cover the cost of the refreshments for yourself and your opponent.  Refreshments are provided after every match.

Q.  How do I play in a Friendly Match?

We have a building beside the Green called ‘The Snug’.

There are several noticeboards in there where you can put your name down for

  • Friendly Match against another club;
  • Club Competition;
  • Ladies or Men’s County competitions or League Matches
  • Offering help around the Club like mowing or teas.

We welcome anyone who would like to play in matches and meet bowlers from other clubs

The Snug also gives information on teams selected, any competitions draws and other information

available to members re rules and regulation.

Most friendly matches last about 3 hours followed by a meal, a critical element of bowls etiquette.

Non members are always welcome to join us for tea for a small contribution.


Q.  How do I access the Sports & Social Club?

The Bowling Club is a sub section of the Brimfield & Little Hereford Sports & Social Club. 

As a member of the bowling section you are automatically a member of the parent club. 

Other sub-sections include skittles in the winter, rifle shooting, archery and football.

Facilities include a fully functioning kitchen, bar, four large changing rooms and disabled toilets, access and parking.  There is plenty of parking available at the Club but if you do require a disabled parking please advise the Club Secretary so that it can be made available for you.

The Clubhouse is not open at all times but is always available when we are bowling to access the changing rooms etc.

Currently we store all our Club bowls equipment in the cupboard at the end of the Snug.  Speak to a member to get the key location.  Please don’t take the key home!

Q. How do I get further coaching?

Our Club coaches and experienced players are very amenable to providing coaching either as a set session or a one-to-one.  The Club Captain will always know who to ask for you.

If you would specifically like a Mentor speak the Club Captain to arrange for you.

We have a number of very experienced bowlers who regularly play competitively at the National Championships and they are always ready to assist and promote bowls.

Q. What happens during the winter months?

We have an Indoor Strollers session on a Friday afternoon during the winter months at Leominster Indoor Bowling Club. 

Many of our members represent us on a Monday Evening in the Indoor/Outdoor League or play during the week in day and evening leagues and friendly matches for Leominster IBC.

At Brimfield & Little Hereford Sports and Social Club we hold social events every month including our Annual Presentation Evening, our regular January Sunday Carvery plus a range of different events such as Race Nights, Car Treasure Hunts, Quiz and Skittles Nights.  Some of our members play in a Skittles League at the Club. 

During the winter months, and of great value to us, we are thankful to some of our members who work tirelessly to kindly maintain the Green and surrounding areas on Monday Mornings.

No one needs to be alone in the 'closed' season.

If you have any ideas for social events, please be vocal and share your thoughts!

So, go on … why not give it a try!

We are a happy bunch of people of all ages and abilities who love to be outdoors in the summer on the bowling green, having fun and socialising.

We encourage anyone who would like to be active and exercise

the mind and body in good company.