New Bowlers Q& A

Brimfield and Little Hereford Bowling Club

Welcome to the world of bowls...

Bowls is the one sport of equality …

Whatever your age, gender or disability you can play bowls

as an individual, as a couple or as part of a team.

You can play as often or as little as you want to for exercise and mental agility, for social interaction or to compete at the highest levels!

But don’t take our word for it …

Come along and give it a go, everyone is welcome

at Brimfield & Little Hereford Bowling Club!

Frequently asked Questions and Answers...

Q.  I’ve never tried bowls before, can I have a go?

Yes, we welcome anyone who wants to have a try at bowling. 

No experience is necessary. 

You can come along to our Club Open Day,  a 'Play Bowls Day',

a taster session during the summer, or just contact us direct and we’ll arrange a convenient time for you.

See our diary dates pages for more details.

'A Play Bowls Day (PBD) is heavily grounded in the traditional Club Open Day but with an emphasis placed on attracting new members, on making the day a fun and informal event … it represents the perfect introduction to Club life for anyone new to bowling.'   BDA 2018

Q. Is there an age limit?

No, we have bowlers who play well into their 80s and 90s.

As for youngsters, as long as they can hold a bowl and deliver it down the green safely, we are happy. 

For very young children wanting to have a try we can provide coloured rubber bowls (not for use in a full game), so they can have a go at beating mum or dad.

Q. What do I need to bring?

You only need to wear flat (no heels) shoes/trainers.  We supply the bowls and all the other equipment.

Q.  Do I need special clothes?

No, just turn up in anything you feel comfortable with allowing for bending, so loose fitting clothes are probably ideal.

Q.  How much will it cost to have a try?

Nothing, your first four visits are free. 

If you want to come back for more we only charge a green fee of £2 each visit. This is to help pay for the upkeep of our bowling surface.

Q.  If I like bowling, can I become a member of Brimfield & Little Hereford Bowling Club?

Yes, we welcome new members, but we want you to make sure you like the game before committing to it which is why we offer the taster session - Try before you buy! 

If you do feel ready to become a member simply fill out our Membership Form and pass it to a Committee  Member

We are actively encouraging women and people with disabilities to try bowls. 

'The aim of the Women Can campaign is to bring to life the many different things that bowls can offer to women, from social to competitive sport, from friendship to fun and enlist the help of other women to tell their stories to inspire other women to get involved.'    BDA 2018

Q. I'm ready to have a go, what happens at an Open Day?

There will be a Committee Member at the Club and they will introduce you to Bill Wheatley and our members. 

If you are new to bowling you will be introduced to the bowls, sometimes called woods, and have the opportunity to start from the basics, learning how to deliver a bowl. 

If you have played before, and know the basics, you can join in with the afternoons activities on our Open Day or at a Strollers session.  See the New Members page for further information on Strollers. 

At the Open Day we spend approx. 3 hours on the Green.  We then sit down to a buffet tea afterwards when we really hope you will join us.  This is an integral part of bowls, at all levels, and gives you the opportunity to meet and socialise with others.

Q. I would like to have a go but I can't make the Open Day date, what is a 'Play Bowls Day'?

Anyone interested in trying out bowling, having a taster session, can come along on any of the Play Bowls Days advertised.  The morning sessions are two hours, 10am - 12noon, specifically dedicated to new bowlers and also more experienced bowlers that want to learn marking skills, relevant positions and more strategic play. 

Three dates have been arranged for the coming year but if you are unable to make those dates, don’t be put off, you can contact the Club Coach, Bill Wheatley, who may be able to arrange a one-to-one session at the Club at a convenient time when other members will also be around.

Again, you will need flat shoes or trainers plus anything you feel comfortable in that will allow for bending, loose fitting clothes are ideal.

Q.  Can I have a go in the winter, or do I have to wait till the summer?

The club opens mid-April, see our Diary Dates page for details.

If you want to have a go at bowls before our season starts our Coach, Bill Wheatley, provides a taster or coaching session at Leominster Indoor Bowling Club on a Sunday Morning once a fortnight. 

A small charge is made for this on the day, to pay for the rink hire, set by HALO Indoor.

So, go on … why not give it a try!

‘The sport of Bowls can be played by almost anyone,

with or without a disability’

Q.  Okay, I’m interested, what do I do next?

Call in at the club on the next Open Day or Play Bowls Day 

or see our Welcome to Brimfield New Members page

If you need any information about the Club please contact

Jennie Cole, Chairman, on 01588 660 891

or Eileen Powell, our Membership Secretary, on 01885 483 265

Or contact our club coach Bill Wheatley, on 01584 819 870

pdf version of our Welcome Pack

Ready and waiting to play!