Hints and Tips for Teas

Brimfield and Little Hereford Bowling Club


ALL MEALS - Turn On Hot Water as soon as you arrive.

The switch is in the cupboard in the corridor, the key to the cupboard is in the cupboard in the kitchen. 

If you are cooking a hot meal remember to turn the gas on at the cylinder out the back and at the cooker switch in the kitchen. 

Use the new ‘bowlers urn’ to boil water for teas!    3 T-bags to the pot.

If you have a favourite knife/peeler/cutting board etc. bring it with you.  The club equipment is less than useless.  It’s also a good idea to bring t-towels and a black bin/rubbish bag.

Take any dirty table-cloths home so that they are clean for the next person.  Remember to turn both off hot water/gas before you leave!

CLUB MATCHES - You get £1 per head to spend on teas so if its 4 triples you get £24 kitty.  Any overspend will need to come out of the raffle money or be donated. 

•   If you are doing a sandwich tea calculate 1 round per person, i.e. 2 slices of bread cut into 4, and 2 cakes per person.  There are plastic trays/plastic covers in the kitchen cupboard for sandwiches, much better than using plates and cling-film.

•  If you do something like a ploughman’s supper it’s easier to lay it out as a buffet.  You get less wastage and it goes further.  See hand-out for shopping list. It’s often easier if one does all the shopping for a savoury buffet and one does the cakes/milk.

•  Remember Milk (4 pints is plenty/2 pints not enough). 

•  Use blue check tea-cloths for club friendlies.  Rink numbers, salt and peppers, raffle cards and flowers go on the tables.  Check if there are any visitors/guests and lay up extra spaces/additional table.  If just a one or two try and add to the rink table where their partner is playing.

COUNTY MATCHES - Serviettes and white cloths (in the snug cupboard) for county games.  Blue and Gold serviettes for Ladies County matches and Green and Gold for a Men’s County match.  Ladies have tea/coffee and biscuits on arrival before a County match.  We don’t charge for this when it is a County match.  The men usually go to the bar, but you may get the odd one or two that like a cuppa. 

You get £5 for County games, i.e. for 6 rinks, plus for any guests/visitors, and it can be hot/cold and 2/3/4 courses dependent on substance of main.

COUNTY COMPETITION DAYS - For County Competition days, ladies have tea/coffee and biscuits on arrival, and we charge 50p for this (unless they are our own club members then they get it free). 

They order lunch which is normally a Cheese, Ham or Salmon Roll provided with a salad buffet, indicating brown or white roll.  We charge everyone a £1 for this.  A selection of cakes is also provided and these are normally charged 50p per slice or 30p if small cakes.  The rolls get made up and covered with cling-film and a sticky label with each person’s name on it.

Thank you for doing teas at the club.  We hope this helps!